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The Black Indigenous Liberation Movement (BILM) is a movement that promotes the recognition, respect, and the full exercise of the Black and Indigenous communities' rights around the American continent.

The movement is constituted by a coalition of grassroot organizations and other allies located all along the continent, from Brazil to Argentina.

Colmena Lab provided BILM a service within two work areas: communication and facilitation.

The first one relates to the development and implementation of a communication strategy that enables digital actions as well as actions for media outlets relations, so that it can boost the movement messages positioning and the link between internal and external audiences. 

The second one promotes the movement structuring and generates a common action agenda that allow the cohesion of thestruture, extend the solidarity networks and expand the participation of Black and Indigenous organizations from all around the continent.

To achieve it, Colmena Lab coordinated and advised the planning and strategy activities of BILM.


For the implementation of this project, the next elements were developed:


Communication Work Space


  • Communication strategy.

  • Development and management of the opinion articles.

  • Development and management for press releases in each of BILM's international participations and events. 

  • Email marketing campaign design including BILM contents for allies and potential donors during moments of special interest.

  • Editorial calendar for social media in three languages.

  • Participatory and collaborative content creation for social media.

  • Website redesign in four languages, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Kichwa.

  • Social media update and monitoring in three languages, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Facilitation Work Space


  • Work plan and coordination and facilitation methodology.

  • Follow-up and work session systematization.

  • Call, agenda, follow-up and input preparation for each work session.

  • BILM Declaration drafting in accordance with the results of the working groups' discussions.

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