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The FSC Indigenous Foundation is a global Indigenous-led organization, governed by a Council representing Indigenous Peoples from all around the globe, and responsible for providing the Foundation’s strategic guidelines, as well as to ensure it works alongside with its mission, values and principles.


As part of its action strategy in favor of the Indigenous Peoples’ rights, The FSC Indigenous Foundation has developed the Indigenous Peoples' Alliance for Rights and Development Program (IPARD), a global coalition for the development gathering partners form various sectors so as to ensure the rights of Indigenous Peoples, develop their capacities and promote the economic self-development. 


Colmena Lab implemented the 2022 FSC-IF’ communications strategy through the development of activities and products facilitating the relationship with community actors.

The activities included as follows:

  • Strategic consulting in communications and relations.

  • Conceptualization and launching of a worldwide photography contest.

  • Redesign of complex graphics related to IPARD Program approaches and models.

  • Conceptualization and design for digital campaigns.

  • Conceptualization and production of the “Indigenous Voices” podcast.

  • Website management and digital communities.

  • Production and design for one-pagers, brochures, flyers and other specialized communication materials. 

  • Designing branding products, virtual backgrounds, templates for content.

  • Production of specialized COP27 materials.

  • Creation of professional web notes on topics related to capacities development, climate change, leadership empowerment, among others.

All materials were produced in four languages.

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