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The FSC Indigenous Foundation is an global Indigenous led organization, governed by a Council representing Indigenous Peoples from all around the world. It is responsible for providing the strategic orientation of the Foundation and ensuring we act upon their mission, values and principles.

The FSC Indigenous Foundation, as part of its actions strategy in favor of the rights of Indigenous Peoples, has developed the Indigenous Peoples Alliance for Rights and Development (IPARD), a global coalition for the development that gathers partners from multiple sectors to ensure the rights of Indigenous Peoples, strengthen capacities and catalyze the economic self-development. 

Colmena Lab has provided a specialized strategic communication service for the development of products in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese, such as:


  • Communication strategy development and actors involvement for the FSC Indigenous Foundation and the IPARD Program.

  • Digital strategy development for the FSC Indigenous Foundation that includes the web site creation, social media channels, email account, branding and marketing, and generation of a content collection.

  • IPARD Program image creation through a participatory process with Indigenous leaders from Africa, America, Asia, Esurope and the Arctic region.

  • Production of the "Indigenous Voices" podcast in which Indigenous leaders from the Samp, Ashenika, Masai and Maori Peoples paricipated.

  • The production included the creation of a soundtrack identity inspired on the traditional instruments and melodies of Indigenous Peoples, script writing, interviews management and post-production.

  • Video production on the IPARD Program in which Indigneous leaders from Guatemala, Panama, Malaysia and Brazil participated.

  • Generation of a one pager and a presentation on the IPARD Program.

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