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A global communications and advocacy campaign that brought together more than 100 indigenous and community leaders from around the world in California to influence the authorities that make up the Climate Governors Group.


This campaign had four events where indigenous and community leaders, civil society organizations, activists, artists, political figures, journalists and influencers met.

The first activity was an exchange and space for strengthening leadership and communication capacities with the participation of indigenous leaders from Mesoamerica, the Amazon Basin, Brazil, the Indonesian Archipelago and the United States.


This activity took place in Klamath - California within the territory of the Yurok people.

The second activity was the participation of indigenous leaders in the Global Climate Action Summit organized by the Climate Governors Group held in the city of San Francisco, California, with the purpose of visualizing the work of indigenous peoples and local communities in the fight against climate change.


The third activity was the participation of the leaders in the space "Our Village", located in the city of San Francisco, organized by If Not Us Then Who, gathering territorial organizations, activist movements, NGOs, decision makers, influencers and journalists.


This activity focused on producing scientific, cultural and political events that promote the messages and actions of indigenous peoples at the Global Climate Action Summit.


The fourth moment was the symbolic action and participation of indigenous leaders in the Climate March held in the city of San Francisco on the occasion of the Global Climate Action Summit to highlight the work of indigenous peoples to conserve forests and mitigate the effects of climate change for their communities and the world.


As well as press conferences, field trips, scouting, and the production of official and unofficial side events.


More than 200 articles were published by the press in the United States, Europe, Indonesia and Latin America.

This campaign was carried out along with Purpose Campaigns, Burness Communications and If Not Us Then Who.


The following products and activities were developed:

  • Communication and advocacy strategy.

  • Networking and coordination of political agenda.

  • Website in three languages (Spanish, English and Portuguese).

  • Digital campaign production and coordination with more than 45 organizations.

  • Development of identity, branding and applications such as banners, posters, shirts, bags, postcards, among others.

  • Production of events within the Global Climate Action Summit and external events, such as: thematic panels, talks, exhibitions, among others.

  • Coordination of strengthening spaces for leadership and communication skills.

  • Logistics coordination.

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