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Global communication and advocacy campaign in which 60 indigenous and community leaders toured 7 European cities (Cologne, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Berlin and Bonn) from 5 countries (Germany, Belgium, France, Holland and England) to meet with high-level political figures prior to the start of the COP23 negotiations in Bonn, Germany.


As part of this campaign, several political, symbolic and media actions were carried out in the main cities of Europe.


Various events were held in each of the main european cities so that representatives from the local and Indigenous communities share their experience for the purpose of raise awareness among politicians, media outlets, and civil society organizations to take part in the defense offor the rights of Indigenous Peoples, as well as support their proposals to save their peoples, territories and the forests in the benefit of the planet.


As part of this campaign, various political, media, and symbolic actions were done.


Here below, the details on the products done:

  • Communication and advocacy strategy.

  • Tour coordination and production around the main European cities.

  • Planning of political agenda.

  • Creation of support networks in each of the cities where the campaign was implemented.

  • Identity development and branding.

  • Website.

  • Digital campaign.

  • Promotional materials such as postcards, shirts, bags, bus branding.

  • Event management.

  • Image elements development and branding.

  • Strengthening leadership and communication capacities.


This campaign was carried out along with Purpose Campaigns, Burness Communications and If Not Us Then Who.

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