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We establish a close and trusting relationship with media outlets and journalists with expertise in each of our clients' areas of expertise.

We encourage our clients to establish a strong bond with media outlets so that they become allies.

Our expertise allows us to work directly with local, national, regional, and international media outlets.

We specialize in telling good stories!

We create narratives and compelling stories for media outlets.

We emphasize in highlighting the most relevant information for our clients using scientific evidence, testimonies, and support materials for journalists.

We convey our clients' messages to worldwide audiences.

We rely on journalists from Latin America, North America, and Europe.

The services we provide are as follow:

  • Identifying journalists and media outlets.

  • Database compilation of journalists and media outlets.

  • Managing online and on-site media briefings. 

  • Managing field trips.

  • Spokesperson coaching

  • Crisis management.

  • Press release, media pitch, and media advisory development and dissemination.

  • Media rooms management.

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