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Sotz’il is an indigenous organization established under the Mayan cosmovision. It seeks to build integral development alternatives for Indigenous Peoples based on their vision, principles, values, culture, identity and their cosmogonical thinking. Sotz’il also seeks to boost the development of indigenous communities through the creation of mechanisms for the use, management and conservation of natural resources based on the respect and acknowledgement of collective rights.


Colmena Lab provides a specialized strategic communication service by which the following products have been developed:


  • Drafting a digital strategy in which it included the redesign and creation of the website considering new technologies, available platforms and the needs of Sotz’il.

  • Development of a graphic line for the website integrating elements of the iconographic mayan culture, color palette, symbols, glyphs, among others. 

  • Specialized copywriting in English, Spanish and Mayan.

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