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We develop strategies that combine strategic communication, digital media and public relations to help our clients reach their goals and connect with their audiences.

Our strategies are unique and versatile.

Our methodology consists of:

  • We seek to understand the needs of our clients and determine precise goals.

  • Audience identification. We identify and analyze the target audience our clients want to reach.

  • Identifying, creating narratives, and messages based on meaningful stories and relevant science.

  • Assess the most appropriate channels and media to connect with audiences.

  • Establish the best actions and tactics.

  • Results measurement and adjustment.

We develop strategies to:

  • Positioning, causes and social branding.

  • Advocacy on community, national, regional and global scales.

  • Stakeholder involvement.

  • Scientific dissemination.

  • Brand awareness strategies

  • Engagements with media and political actors. 

  • Generation and dissemination of targeted social media content.

  • Digital and content marketing.

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