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foto en escala de grises de hojas de marihuana y manos con guantes de laboratorio


Both the medical and recreational cannabis industry are revolutionizing the world and Weed Lab will help you be a part of it.

Weed Lab By Colmena Lab offers strategic and creative communication solutions that will allow you to impact your audiences, open new markets, and position your brand.


Our talent in strategic communication, public relations, scientific information and data management, branding and marketing, and positioning is available for companies in the medical and recreational cannabis industry and he challenges it on a local, regional and global scale.


Our work is backed by 15 eras of experience developing communication projects all around the world.


We have successfully managed to face complex challenges of cultural, social and political nature by using scientific evidence, technology, and creativity.


  • Brand development

  • Public relations

  • Branding and positioning.

  • Advocacy and awareness campaigns.

  • Strategic communication.

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