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The Ecuador Carbon Zero Program (PECC) is an initiative of the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Ecological Transition of Ecuador and is part of the Regional Alliance of Greenhouse Gas Initiatives promoted by the United Nations through the United Nations Development Programme.

The Ecuador Carbon Zero Program aims to promote and incentivize the implementation of measures and actions to quantify, reduce, and neutralize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulting from various processes and activities of the country’s productive and service sectors. This program serves as a catalyst for various mitigation measures and actions to be implemented by different stakeholders in the Ecuadorian economy.

Colmena Lab provided the following services for this campaign:

  • Production of the Ecuador Carbon Zero Program Launch Event. This event featured the participation of political authorities, representatives from the most important companies in the productive and financial sectors, local and international NGOs, and representatives from indigenous and local communities. The production of this event included the development of branding elements, professional streaming, invitation design, media outreach, press releases, social media content, and program brochures

  • Production of the Workshop for Socialization of the Technical Standard of the Program ‘Ecuador Carbon Zero’ with Organizational Scope. This event was attended by 300 delegates from the public sector, private companies, and civil society. The production of this event included the development of branding elements, invitation design, media outreach, and systematization of the workshop and working groups


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