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The Socio Bosque Project is an initiative by the Government of Ecuador aimed at conserving the country’s native forests (páramos, mangroves, and jungles), reducing CO2 emissions caused by deforestation, and improving the living conditions of thousands of people living in the forests.

The Colmena Lab team developed a communication and advocacy project to engage corporate stakeholders in the Socio Bosque Project as part of their sustainability and growth strategy. The project was carried out in collaboration with Forest Finest Consulting and PROAmazonía.

Our strategy included:

  • Benchmarking regional initiatives

  • Mapping and producing a database of the main Ecuadorian companies

  • Establishing the foundations for the corporate benefits program

  • Writing the concept note for the launch event

  • Developing the promotional campaign “Together for the Forests,” which included image creation, digital content, brochure, banners, roll-ups, and other communication materials


Government of Ecuador
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